Friday, July 28, 2017

Fans Hobby MB-05 Flypro

The second ever review sample that Fans Hobby kindly sent to me. Overall the figure quite solid and have a good amount of heft. Now as a kid during Beast Wars, I didn't know about Grotusque and the Monsterbots. It was only in 2000 that I got what turned out to be a member of the team, Doublecross. Though still don't have the other two G1 figures. So it is rather cool to have a figure of the character now, quite tall one in that. Towers over my G1 Doublecross and Titans Return Twinferno figures.
The figure has bonus parts, two optional faces, a load of flame parts, and new parts for the earlier MB-02 Megatooth and MB-03 Feilong. Which as I don't have them, I can't show off those parts on the figures. Just new face options for both figures and for MB-03 Feilong, a set of hands for the robot mode. The additional flame parts are meant to go with them. As I've found out, they can be used for props on other figures too if one is like me and doesn't have them.

Beast Mode:
To be honest, I'm getting a Beast Wars Fuzor vibe when I look at it. Just reminds me so much of a dragon crossed with a beaver, well a beaver with sharp fangs. As mentioned it earlier, this figure has some weight to it. So for flying displays, use something sturdy. The articulation is rather nice on the figure. Wings can bend in two places for flapping and they can rotate. The head can move around a bit and the mouth can open quite wide. Mainly for inserting a flame part into it for a nice looking fire breathe feature. The beast mode fingers are individual pieces, so one can make them appear however they want. The waist can still move in this mode. The legs have some tight ratchet joints around the feet. Though as this is a review sample, that might be different with the official release in the near future. No movement on the tail.

As I don't own Grotusque, I have no idea if this transformation shares anything in common with that figure. Just be aware for the first time transforming it into beast mode. Pull the robot mode body upwards as it is packaged with part of the body tabbed into the crotch section.

Robot mode:
Standing close to MB-04 Gunfighter II's height, Flypro has a nice brute vibe. One can arrange the wings to be however they like, but I mainly keep them compact as much as possible. The articulation is pretty good for a figure of this size. Flypro has ankle tilts, a waist rotation, hands that can swivel around and open up. Like Gunfighter II, the head is on a ball join. So it can look up and down slightly and do a full 360 spin if one wanted to do that. The figure does have metal parts, mostly in the beast mode legs and feet. 

To have access to the face swap gimmick, turn the head around and just unscrew the front half of the head will come off and then just remove the face section. Take the eye piece off and insert that into either the angry face or the happy face. Then put the new face on the front half of the head and screw everything back together.

Should one get this?
Honestly if one has MB-02 Megatooth and MB-03 Feilong in the collection, oh then I would easily suggest getting this to complete the team. If one's like me who didn't have those two, read and watch the reviews of this figure. If this looks tempting, go for it and this could lead to wanting to buy other figures than Fans Hobby have done in the past. This and Gunfighter II at least for have been quite solid figures.

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