Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fans Hobby MB-04 Gunfighter II

I got into Transformers back in 1996 and as a result I missed out on the earlier Generation 2 line. So RID Scourge (Car Robots Black Convoy) was really my first time of owning the G2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime mold. I absolutely loved the figure, looked cool, easy to transform, and had good range of articulation. Then Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime was released and thus that became my first G2 Prime figure. Though I didn't find it to be as impressive as the earlier RID Scourge figure was.

Recently Fans Hobby provided me another take of the design, a Masterpiece scale version. This is my first time of messing around with one of their products and I do find it to be quite solid. This figure is massive in vehicle mode and in robot mode. It stands just slightly taller than the MP10 Optimus Prime mold.
The Packaging:
I got this sent from Fans Hobby and it was quite protected. A nice sturdy cardboard box and the figure package was protected by bubble wrap. The actual figure package itself is also quite sturdy and features the figure nicely. Opening it up and figure is in a black plastic shell and taped up on both the top and bottom sections. Opening it up and figure is packaged in robot mode in a very G1ish static pose. The sword and the two guns are in a separate bag behind the bottom plastic shell. There's also the standard instructions and for the card collectors, if does come with one as well.  

Vehicle Mode Thoughts:
The original G2 Prime mold and its repaints came with a hauler that became a battle station. I do know Fans Hobby has plans on producing one for this and it's early repaint MB-01 Archenemy. With that stated, as mentioned earlier the vehicle mode is quite large. The smokestacks and the rims has this nice chrome like finish to it. The tires feels like they are rubber, but I think they might be plastic as it doesn't have the same feel as my Alternator Hound and MP YOTH Optimus Prime figures.
The transformation is a bit more involved than the original G2 Prime mold was. But it still retains many steps from the original figure. Such as the legs collapsing and the upper arms forming the front of the truck. The changes is mainly in the lower arms, feet, and how the head is hidden. Like MP10 Prime, the hands folds (rotate hands with fingers facing upwards) into the arms and then turn the arms to have the silver side facing the front tires. Then like a monkey pose, bend the elbow and push the arms upwards. They would tab to the main body. The feet closes upon itself just like MP10 Prime. Then on the back of the legs, lift the piece and it'll cover up the silver and gold details on the side of the legs. Once that is done just push the black tab on the side of the legs and that will allow on to collapse them. With the head, first lift slanted the piece on the truck between the lights and the vents on the roof. Then with it up, open up the window piece of the truck mode. Turn the head around then push it under the window and then turn it back to the eyes facing forward. On the back side of the truck cab, pull out the silver containers and then close the back with the piece directly above. With that done, just tab the containers to the legs. After than push the wheel covers down and transformation is completed.  

Robot Mode Thoughts:
Standing at 9.45 inches (24cm), MB-04 Gunfighter II is the tallest figure currently of the G2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime design. Articulation is very similar to the older Generation 2 Laser Rod Prime figure, but with new added features. Such as a neck joint, chest crunch (transformation leftover), double jointed knees, feet that can tilt, and hands that can rotate along with being able to open and close. The index finger is separate to allow a "come here" pose with the hand. The figure chest can open up to reveal a power core aka Matrix of leadership. The figure also comes with three primary weapons, a hand gun, a double barrel gun, and a sword that is taller than the original G2 Prime figure. If one has the MP10 Prime figure or any of its repaints, the battle axe can also fit for an additional MB-01 Archenemy or future MB-10 TBA G2 Tank Megatron battle pose. The figure feels on par with figures that I have from other top companies. For the diecast lovers, this figure does have some. 

Overall Ratings:

A nice old school meet modern transformation.
Some changes of the mold from the previous MB-01 Archenemy.
The variety of accessories the figure comes with.

Shoulder articulation getting hinder by the vehicle mode mirrors. I wish the company had redone that part to allow for folding when they were changing the mold.

I wish it had light-piping. The G2 Laser Rod Prime mold had that ability and the glow was cool looking on my Scourge figure. I certainly wish they opted to do that too with the Archenemy/Gunfighter II mold. With the chrome eyes, the light has to hit it just right to have a glowing effect. Versus light-piping that would had a glowing effect in any angle.



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